Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The year is almost over

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas, I know we did! Santa was very good to us and we never even expected it! Parker got LOADS of toys and loved playing with the paper AFTER it was off the presents! So now its time to say goodbye to 2008 and ring in the new year. This year was def and different one than I've ever experienced! I started the new year in the hospital because lil parker decided he wanted to block mommy's kidney from being able to empty and we were there for a week before everything was ironed out. Then it was miserable the last 10weeks of my pregnancy because of the stent I had put it, I hope to never go through that again. Then came March 7 2008 when my whole world was turned upside down in a good way. My lil baby boy made his grand entrance. From then on out we had many many first, the first time rolling over,eatting cereal,trying baby food,crawling,and the list goes on and on. Iam very thankful for my wonderful mother, i had no idea where I would be without her, shes been there when all my chips feel and I need someone to help pick them up.Shes shown me how to be a great mom and i only hope to be as good as she is one day.There were so many people who made a differene in my life this year and I will never forget them for that. There were many weddings I attended this year, a life long friend, my lovely cousin amber,and another childhood friend. I am greatful they wanted me to be apart of there beautiful day. I became apart of an AWESOME mommies group and am thankful for all the wonderful mommies I met. They have helped this transtion into motherhood just a lil easier.Its nice knowing there are other mommies going through or have been through some of the stuggles we had over the past 9months! This year seemed to past by so fast but i guess thats what happens when you become a mommy, you forget to look at the calendar and instead spend time with your family and watch them grow into the person you hoped they will be!
We are ringing in the New Year at my Aunt Renee's which is what we've done the past 3 years and I am very excited about it. Its nice to have family around to bring in a whole new year.

So Happy New Year to Everyone and be safe!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Its almost christmas!!!

We got Parker's 9month pictures back on friday and I am so excited! I also cant believe how much he's changed since his 6month pictures! We did get a couple of him for christmas and he did so good this time. Nothing new and exciting has happened since our wonderful boat trip on monday. Except that my brother will be home on the 23!! He's been gone for what seems like FOREVER! So here are Parker's pictures!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh my

Today we decided to go on the boat since neither me,the hubby or uncle jerry had been on since before uncle jerry's surgery which i believe was 2months ago.This morning didn't start out good, first we couldn't find the wire to hook up the lights for the trailer, so it took us what seemed like forever to just decided to put the lights a lil closer to the truck, then we get to the boat ramp and the boat is almost off the trailer when it wouldn't start, finally it gets started and robert was trying to back it up to get it completely off the trailer and uncle jerry starts to take off with the boat still attached, motor running and all. once we got the boat off and everything together we were leaving the dock with uncle jerry seen his phone was missing, of course being the negative nancy he is he thought for sure it was in the water floating, it wasn't then he went ot the truck and there it sat on the seat of the truck.Ok so I am thinking hopefully it gets better, as we're leaving i seen the coast guard hilacoper go over us, and I am thinking great this is not going ot be a good day. We finally get somewhere we can do some fishing and I only got 2bites and no one else got anything so we moved, nothing, we moved again, nothing but we didn't get to see a school of dolphin's playing and this is when everything went wrong. My lovely husband thinks hey lets get closer to the dolphin they HAVE to be eating fish over there so we head over that way and i can start to see the bottom and I told him hunny back up we're going to get stuck, oh no we arent its okay.....THEN what happens? We stop moving and we are stuck. He gets into the water to push the boat but it wasn't going anywhere fast so instead he grabs his fishing pole to do some fishing meanwhile me and uncle jerry are on the boat. I need to add none of us where upset it was actually quite funny to everyone. once robert figured out he wasn't catching anything he came back to get the boat moving some more, and finally we were un-stuck, so we start to go and then uncle jerry loses his hat..great so we go back to get it and the water was FREZZING by the way and he put it back on his head! We tried a few more spots and NOTHING so we called it a day and came in, thankfully nothing bad happened from that point on, but I have to say it was the worst experience i've had so far on the boat!!!
There are the links to the video I took from today, watch for the dolphin's next to Robert while hes fishing in the 2nd one!! Happy viewing

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Being to feel like Christmas.

Whoa its been a week since I have posted anything..opps! Things have been crazy busy around here with all my mommy group meetings and christmas shopping then theres Parker with his teething! We went to the Parade yesterday night and Parker was supprisly good! The fire trucks and race cars did scare him a lil. But he got lots of beads and we even seen my cousin Courtney..its so hard to believe shes growing up, I remember the day my aunt had her like it was yesterday and now shes talking about boys and school...YIKES!:) I love her to pieces!!

We also went by my childhood home, the house was in forecloser for the longest time and someone finally bought it. I didn't know this till we pulled up because I had planned on parking at the old house then walking to the Parade, so I did the next best thing and parked in front of my old neighbor's house. Betty got to see Parker and couldn't get over how precious he was! She says they are a young couple that bought the home and they are very nice, but it was VERY hard knowing someone else is laying down at night in the same home I grew up in. Its the home all my firsts happened, its the place my brother and I use to fight like cats and dogs because we shared a room,its the place I got my first bike for christmas,the place that i fell through the deck while dad was building a new one and my brother felt so bad that he brought me one of his favorite cars to make me feel better,the place i made my very first friendships in,the place where I learned how to drive a stick shift, its the place that so many memories were made, ones that I will never forget no matter how old I get or how many kids I have. I use to get upset because we always lived in the same house growing up, I always wanted to move somewhere else but now I completely understand why my dad made sure we were in the same place for so long. I can only hope I can find a place where my family will grow up and have all those memories like I have.

On to other happier things, tonight we went to Clearwater's Winter Wonderland. It was nice but Parker would of enjoyed it better in oh say 5years!:) They had a playgroud,bouncy houses, there was decorating cookies with mrs.claus,pictures with santa,a petting zoo (which he petted a duck and was terrifed of the pony),pony rides and some live entertainment. We didn't stay long because well lets face it there wasnt much for us to do. So we went to Largo Central Park they had their lights on display so we walked around, Parker loved all the sights and sounds! Then it was on home because he was getting cranky! Tomorrow we are going on the boat, we havent been on in forever so I am looking very forward to it! Parker will stay with his grandma roberts and then hopefully we can get back in time for me to head up to the hospital so I can see my sister while shes there for some tests! hopefully it wont be another week before I post!!

Thanks for everyone who reads this, even you Aunt Renee!!!
Mom had me watch a slide show tonight with all kinds of pictures and she had ones of Parker when he was only days old, both me and robert cried as we watched it... Cant believe hes getting so big so fast!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Post Surgery Day 2

Things were MUCH better today! HE woke up in a good mood and stayed in a good mood! HE got cranky around 5pm but it was close to his bed time so thats reasonable! We went to see Santa today but he wasnt having it he was scared to death of that man! Then they wanted me to pay 24 for a picture he didnt even smile in...geez people! After that adventure we went to Candy Cane Lane, its a neighborhood where most of the houses are lite up and decorated nice, there was one house that had the lights going to the sound of music! IT was pretty neat! Tomorrow we get his 9month pictures taken. I cant believe its been 9months today! This time 9months ago he was about 2hours old!!!! Amazing how time flies!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Post Surgery

Today was rough, I wont lie but my lil man pulled through. This morning I woke up to him talking to the lil frog in his play pen (he stayed in my room last night I was parriod about his breathing) and I thought today is going to be good. That thought got thrown out the window 2o mins later! So I gave him some meds and some breakfast and the lil man wasnt happy still, so I called on my wonderful mommy and told her we were on our way to visit with grandma! Of course she loved the idea and so did Ryleigh but really mommy was wanting someone else to help with the crankness of Parker..shh dont tell her! The day seemed to go by faster while I was there probally cause I wasnt watching the clock and figuring out how long till Robert got home. Towards the end of the night he was getting better but I know today and tomorrow are going to be the worst of days and hopefully after that I will see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel! He is having a hard time figuring out how to breath and enjoy his food at the same time, he also has a hard time latching on to the bottle with formula, if there is pedilite in it he seems to do good but after a few swallow of the formula he screams. Hopefully it will pass, I am thinking its because his throat is still pretty sore. He also had red eyes, they almost looked brused but we're thinking it was from having the atneiods takin out. So heres to hoping tomorrow is better. The poor lil guy didnt have nearly as much formula as he normally has but he had some wet diapers so we know hes highdrated!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Parker's Surgery

My lil man was a trooper but it was THE HARDEST thing I have gone through so far. The worse part was letting him go back with the nurses for the surgery, he could of cared less but I cried like a lil baby. They put tubes in his ears,took his atneoids out,checked for some breathing problem, and took a biopsy for reflux. After surgery the nurses said he was FULL of mucus, the one nurse said she was pullin boogies out that had their own zip code... Poor guy! We ended up being there 12hours because after everything was said and done he was horribly congested and wasnt taking any fluid so they hooked him up to an IV because he hadnt peed in almost 7hours. Once the fluids got flowing and they gave him some more pain meds he was getting better, they also gave him affrin nose drops to help dry him out and those helped a lot, he isnt breathing nearly as bad as he was when he first got out. I was so lost on what to do with him, all he wanted was to be held by me, no one else just me, so thats what i did. We had a lil problem with his first IV it came unhooked from the fluid but the site was okay so they had to flush it and he didnt like that much! Other than that he slept the whole day it seemed and its now 7:18 and hes down again. Oh I forgot he also ate some pudding,only drank maybe 3ounces all day and had some jello before he came home, once he got home we gave him some cereal and more pedilite so I think thats why he went down so early,his belly is finally full after not being able to eat anything after 5:30 this morning! I took some pic to document for his baby book so i'll share with you! I also want to add I had a WONDERFUL support system today, My husband along with my mother in law, sister in law, Best Friend, and both my Parents, if it wasnt for them I dont know how I would of gotten through the day! Thank you mom I love and appreciate EVERYTHING you do for me!

After Surgery in recovery

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I had to share

I am apart of Cafemom and I am in a march mommies group there are a ton of us in the group but only a hand ful who actually participate in the group. There is one mom, Chels she is freaking hillarious she has a 4year old and then her march baby, her 4year old his name is Declan always does something funny for his mommy to share with the group and I just have to share this story because I am STILL Laughing so hard i could pee myself

Oh, and just for kicks here's a Declan story. This morning I found him stark naked, standing with one foot on each side of the toilet seat. I told him to sit down and couldn't resist asking why.
"No, I can't," he replied. "I'm a birdie. I gotta stand up."
Ok, I guess that makes sense if you're a bird. I stepped out of the bathroom to grab Bryan's attention, because you just have to share a scene like that. All of a sudden I heard a thunk followed by crying.
The poor little birdie slipped and racked his bird nuts on the edge of the seat. And just so I wasn't left out, there was a nice smear of poo on the rim where he landed.

shes great! anytime i need a good laugh i just read one of her stories!
Hope you got a chuckle out of it, lord knows i did! I tried telling robert the story but was laughin to hard so he got pissed at me....he must be getting his period!

2 more teeth!!!!

Today while I was visiting with my mom, I noticed when Parker was laying down that he has 2 teeth coming in!! I kept feeling in his mouth because my mother in law said they were coming in but I didn't see anything but today I seen them both! which would explain why hes been such a demin child! And I noticed he chews on any and EVERYTHING he didn't do that before, but seriously he would chew on his diaper i let him play with while changing his old diaper, he would grab anything he could and chew on it, my pants...anything so I had a feeling he was but couldn't feel them. So now we are dealing with 2 teeth coming in and then his surgery on friday:( Not going to be much fun thats for sure. So I will post pictures of his teeth and some pictures of him with nana and pa today as well! Heres to hoping this weekend isnt horrible!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh my!!

So Robert and I went out on black friday! We went for the first time last year while we were visiting his dad because we figured it was such a small town it couldn't be that bad, and it really wasnt. So we were debating on weather to go this year or not because we are home and people here are CRAZY! We got up at 3:30am to head out to the mall at old navy for the free mp3 player with a $20 purchase and we ended up getting two! When we got to the mall around 3:45 it wasnt that bad I think we were like back 10-15people but when it got closer to 5am that line got long! Then we headed over to toys r us for 2 toys for Parker and WHOA the line was all the way through the store BUT they were def prepared all the employees knew what was going on and they were watching for cutters in line, it did take me an hour to get through the line but it didn't seem like that it kept moving at a decent pace and anyone who knows me knows I make friends anywhere and of course I was talking to pretty much everyone in line with me! so that made it go quick to, the lady who was ahead of me just had a baby NINE days before and she looked great! When she told me that I was SHOCKED!After that mad house I thought I'd go to walmart because they had good prices on their jeans and got 2 pairs for me and a pair for my sister but they were out of jeans for Robert.Even though I was tired as all get out I managed to head to Kmart to see if they had the activity table for Parker but the lady said they only had 2 on hand...TWO? I know its black friday but dang really just TWO? I thought I did really well, I pretty much got everything I wanted to get except the table but maybe they will have another sale!:)

I didn't find these boots on my mission friday but I found them tonight and they are SOOOOOOOOOOO cute I cant wait to do a photo shoot with them!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today I always tend to remember thanksgiving when I was younger!We always had a week off of school then we would go to Grandma linda's for dinner and spend the day with family everywhere! I remember Aunt Renee and Aunt Lauren calling to wish us a happy thanksgiving and mom making some kind of dish to share at grandma's! Oh how things def change as the years come and go! Our family has grown so much over the years, new faces added to the mix and new babies coming all the time! This is Parker's first thanksgiving and even though he wont remember I will and I am very thankful for him and for the fact that he is a happy baby for the most part and hes brought a lot of joy into my life! I never knew I could love someone so much until he came into the world! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and is thankful for everyone in their life!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Parker's First Haircut

So we finally got his haircut, it was bitter sweet! His hair was long on top because he has hair like his mommy, I had a mohawk when I was a baby and so does mr.parker but it looks better on him than it did me! He doesnt look like my baby anymore hes looking more like a toddler! I cant believe hes going to be a toddler already, it seems like not to long ago we were welcoming him into the world! We got his haircut because we have christmas pictures and his 9month pictures coming up as well. A friend of mine did it for us and she did a good job! here are some pictures!

this was the best picture i could get of him looking up, as u can see he liked playing with the barbie doll head, shhh dont tell his daddy! Oh and there are his new shoes!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tis the Season

Today was the first day Parker and I have been able to get out of the house because neither one of us was sick! Then we did a lil photo shoot, he wasnt very cooperative BUT I did get some good ones! here they are!

Monday, November 17, 2008

2Days in a row with my husband!

MY husband just recently quit one job and went to another that he was working at on the weekends. So he went from working 6days to working 7days for the past 2weeks. It has been a VERY long 2weeks. I guess I get use to having him home by 4pm and helping with the night procedures so for 2weeks it was only Parker and Mommy until 6pm and Parker is usually in bed by 7pm so needless to say daddy missed Parker! So I had all day yesterday and all day today with my husband and my son.It would of been nice if I didnt have a gall bladder attack and end up in the ER 4hours for them to tell me they cant take it out because there is no stones blocking the gall bladder.GRRRRRRR And I cant even get insurance because its pre-exsiting:( So I have ot wait until it does get blocked then hopefully they will take it out.Until then I have to go on a non-fat diet.Guess I am going to HAVE to lose weight because I can have anything fried, I cant even have more than 3eggs A WEEK! No whole or 2%milk, only 6oz of meat a day and it has to be lean and the list goes on and one!!!!!! But once I got caught up on sleep I got the rest of christmas put up, and got the house cleaned, dishes done,bottles clean and spend time with my lil man! I will have pictures up tomorrow because I am going to take them for christmas cards so be on the lookout! OK we'll I am heading off to bed.
This was taken awhile back but its all my "babies" none of them are very far,the other day they were all in the bathroom with me...YIKES welcome to motherhood

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week full of sickness

So we've been home all week because Parker has come down with yet ANOTHER ear infection. For 2months hes had one, I swear we live at the Doc office! So my doc refered us to an Ear Nose and Throat doc. We have an apt on Wednesday at 9:30am for a hearing test and then to check his ears at 9:45am. My husband had tubes in his ears a couple times so he knows the pain poor lil parker is going to go through so I told him he HAS to be there! I've gotten lucky the past 2months without getting sick when Parker did but I didn't miss it this time:( ITs not to bad just a cough and a scratching voice! Before we got sick we went to see my friend Jessie she has a son name Devin, he is 2months younger than Parker but you couldn't tell they look the same age! I just cant believe how much Devin has changed from the last time I seen him. He has 2teeth and 2 more coming in! Parker still has just the 2bottom ones!!We also got Parker his first pair of Stride Rite shoes yesterday I will have to take pictures with them on and put them up but for now here are some pictures from when we visited Jess and Devin!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Parker's First Road Trip

Yesterday my mother in law, sister in law, husband, parker and I headed to Georgia to see Parker's Great Mema. The trip up there was okay and thank goodness it was only 3 1/2 hours long but the trip home wasnt so good, poor lil guy was soo sick and come to find out he has YET ANOTHER ear infection. My doc refered us to an ear nose and throat doctor who might have to put tubes in his ears, my husband had this done when he was little a couple times and I have a feeling we will go through this a few more times! He's just so miserable today, he doesnt want to drink any formula so I've been giving him more jar food and he's been drinking pedilite so lets hope this passes soon!! Here are some pictures from our travels

Parker and Great Mema

The hubby,me,Great Mema,Parker,Grandpa Roberts and Grandma Roberts

Alexandra and Emily

Zach and Parker.

Zach said he wanted his mommy to have another baby!!!

p.s see how parker is pulling at his ear in every photo? Poor lil man

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Parker is 8months old!

Where or where does the time go? When Parker first came into the world it was a hard adjustment for mommy and I SWORE I wouldn't have anymore this was it for me. But seeing him today and all his accpolishment and him growing like he is makes me forget all those sleepless nights,not knowing how to sooth a fussying baby, how to get into the car along with everything needed without having a panic attack, being scare of being home alone with him and no one to ask questions to! Yep you forget all that and think maybe just one more!!

Parker LOVES cookies!

This smile melts my heart!!!!

I bought these things call biter biscuts awhile back thinking he would like them for teething he had no interest in them AT ALL! But I kept putting them in front of him just to see if he liked it and sure enough, this time he LOVED them!! Here are some pictures from our experience

Monday, November 3, 2008


This was another long weekend! On Thursday my dog was acting really weird so on friday morning I called the vet and took him in and they informed me he had a ruptured anal glan! So he had to go in for surgery right away we were suppose to go to my moms for Halloween but I couldn't get scooter till 5pm and it wouldn't of been worth going up there because by the time we would of gotten there it would of been dark! So instead we went to supprise my mother in law at her work to see Parker. I didn't think Parker needed to go trick or treating because hes only 7months old! If we had any other kids he would of gone but it seemed silly to me plus theres no need to candy in this house hold!!! On sat we went go visit with my Aunt Tami in Tampa it was nice seeing everyone again, even though we all live so close we have to drive all the way to Tampa to see everyone....oh well it was a nice and relaxing day! Sunday was spent relaxing from the last crazy 2days and a friend of mine wanted to get together to catch up so we went to applebees for drinks and some good old girl talk! Here are some pictures from this weekend!!!Ohh and we decorated grandma robert's christmas tree tonight! Early I know but we love christmas!!



Parker and Grandma Roberts

He LOVED the lights!! Christmas is going to be fun this year!