Sunday, June 28, 2009

New stuff

The last time I posted it was about having a part time walker, well it only took him a few days to be a full blown, running, climbing fool!!! He got his first black eye from trying to climb up some toys, then got bit by the dog because he was tormenting him. I kept pulling Parker back but he went right back to the dog, it wasnt a very bad bite but I think it scared him he doesnt go around scooter to much now. He is cutting his top right molar and another tooth on the bottom so its been miserable lately. I just dont know why babies arent born with teeth, they are in the womb for almost 40weeks, depending on the baby why cant they be born with teeth. He doesnt listen to a thing you tell him, I am sure thats normal but man does he know how to test the limits! Hes just getting us use to the whole terrible 2's I suppose!!! His vocab is getting bigger and bigger, its so cute! Here are some recent pictures of my lil man! Hope you enjoy