Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am so thankful for my son.

You never realize how precious your little ones are until you hear about a child their age dealing with something that should of never been given to them to manage. Then again I think of the saying God doesnt give you more than you can handle. But how does he choose who has to deal with something and the next person doesnt. Someone dying is never something easy to take, why me, why them are some of the questions everyone asks. If your the one dealing with it the last thing you want to hear is, it was their time, god wanted an angel. I never really understood this until the world lost one of the most amazing young men who was making a difference in everyone whom he was friends with. His name is Joshua Stone, he was the one who got my husband and myself together somehow he knew we were right for each other so not only do I thank god for my husband but I also thank god for Joshua Stone. He was taken from this earth WAY WAY to soon and for what reason? Then I think about Josh as a person, if he was given the chance to take his own life or those of his friends, I am almost willing to bet he would have taken his own for everyone else to be happy. That was the type of person he was, he wasnt selfish, he wasnt rude. He befriended anyone, it didnt matter what color your skin was,how your hair looked,how much you weighed,weather or not you could read...none of that mattered to Josh what matter was being their friend. His funeral was the most heart renching funeral I've ever been to but you should of seen the amount of people who attended, that alone tells you he touched so many lives in so many ways. Looking around at the funeral there was all different walks of life and the one person who brought us all together was Joshua Stone. Maybe he was an angel and god felt he had given all he wanted him to give, but I sometimes question that. I wanted my son to know his other Uncle Josh, I wanted to see Robert and Josh teach Parker things he shouldnt do, I wanted Josh to experience having his own child. There are so many babies that were born since Josh's passing, maybe its god's way of giving back because he took such a wonderful person I just wish he wouldn't of choosen Josh.

Anyway I got wat off topic the reason I wrote this blog was because there is a march baby who is suffering from a heart defect and he was receltly sent to the hospital where he suffered brain damage from coding. his life is hanging in the balance, as i sit here and watch my son sleep it brings tears to my eyes to think there is a baby his age in the hospital fighting for his life when he should be home in his crib where HIS mommy can sit and watch him sleep. Say a prayer for baby Seth and his family! The picture is of baby Seth, the one fighting for his life! please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


This morning the hubby and I woke up bright and early because we had all intentions to go to the zoo today because it was $5 zoo day.We get to my mother in laws house because thats where Parker was and we were taking his siter emily with us and is mother in law infoms of that Parker was up all night and had a runny nose along with running a temperture. At first I was a lil upset because I had my hopes up in going then it hit me, this is the mommy life I wanted so badly and these are the things that happen, not on purpose but because thats just how life goes. I've learned to just roll with the punches, but it wasnt an easy road to find. With the help of my own wonderful mother and a huge support system I have come to find that road and hope to stay on it. So instead of the zoo we all went to breakfast to Ihop I havent been there since I was pregnant with Parker and was looking forward to my stuffed french toast but when my breakfast came it was not what i had in mind. Before I would of pitched a huge fit making a scene in the resturant but for some reason I just wanted to wasnt what I order and it wasnt what I wanted, but instead of being a brat I just ate it. My husband got mad because the lady offered to take it back but I didnt want spit or that cook to wipe his ass then touch my food so I kept it. He just seems really testy these days but it probaly doesnt help that I am constantly telling him what hes doing wrong, gotta work HARD on that one before he just gives up completly. so anyway I lost my train of thought.

The real reason I started writing my blog today was because I just got done reading one of my moms post about a small town and the memories she has. Of course I didnt grow up in a small town but I have memories from when I was growing up. One of them being the sat morning cleaning fest we did with mom and dad if he was home, we all had our own list, mom was huge with the whole list thing, i swear that women was up at 3am starting everyones LIST. We cleaned along with Bob Segar, REO speedwagon,Pat Bennatar,and some others, thats when mom got her 5 cd changer that thing was on auto pilot and went all damn morning.Once we finished cleaning we were aloud to play or do what we wanted, well last night while I was in the middle of this post, my son woke up and i ended up going to bed with him...sorry for cutting it short, life right now is crazy!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Parker is Crawling!

Yes its true my sweet baby boy is now crawling! Hes not fast yet but hes getting there, he can stop sit up on his own and then crawl the other way. I can not believe hes already hitting this milestone, along with having 2 teeth and eatting baby food off a spoon! He LOVES all the fruits, oatmeal, but for some reason one time he'll like peas and the next time he wont, then one time he'll like green beans and the next time he wont! He does NOT like sweet corn, just like his mommy!
On a not so good note, Parker took his first trip to the emergency room on wednesday night. He was in bed with me and I went to go get him from the other side but he seen a bottle and before I knew it he botled off the side of the bed onto TILE floor. He screamed right away which was a good sign. Once I got him settled down he was sleeping, at first when i tried waking him up he wouldn't so I freaked but he finally woke up. I call his Doc and they wanted to see him and when they seen him they said he was okay but throughout with day he was whinny, refusing the bottle and not eating much except drinking Pedilite. I called his Doc again to tell them what was going on and they wanted him seen just to make sure its nothing. Once we got to the hospital they did a CT scan and everything came back negative which is a good sign. We were released and went home. The next day he was back to his normal Parker self, eatting like a lil pig and being my sweet little boy! I know this happens to everyone but I felt so guilty, how could I let that happen? Needless to say we no longer sleep on the bed!
We'll keep checking back I will do my best keeping this up for everyone along with adding the newest photos!! Here are some pictures