Thursday, March 26, 2009

The joys of a one year old

Feeding has been the BIGGEST issue since my son was born. He couldn't have certain formula and we were ALWAYS changing it. We'll now we're on to "big" people food and this boy DOESNT like much. I cant even get him to try some stuff, he just plain turns his head and screams.... It is eatting away at me, i am so worried about him not getting enough food or to much of this not enough of that. He's still on his formula because lets face it the boy doesnt eat and I dont feel like hes getting enough vitamins and stuff so we're still truckin along with it. He doesnt get it as often just 3 bottles a day but this is atleast keeping me some what sain. I am scared to try whole milk because of all the issues we had with him spitting up, but I need to give in and try it. Then I worry he wont take the formula anymore and we're back to me worrying about not getting enough vitamins and nutrients. He wont eat any meats,no veggies, SOME fruit. I dont know where I went wrong? I have to have the worlds pickest eater. Some days he likes one thing, the next day he wont touch it. Should I just blend his food and try it that way?? If I do that I might as well by the baby food its the same damn thing! I am sure me freaking out about it, wont help him but I dont know where else to turn. I feel like I am the only one in the world with this problem but I know there are plenty of other mommies dealing with far worst things than I am.

So those are my thoughts, now that they are on "paper" maybe i can clear room to figure out how to get my son to atleast TRY new things.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Baby is one

Its been a long time since I've updated this thing, I guess I got so caught up with his birthday party, then we spent some time with Robert's dad's girlfriend while she was here, then Roberts grandparents were here, then I got a part time things have been just short of CRAZY. Well his birthday party went great and for not having a nap all morning he did good and had no melt downs.
We went for his one year check up and he is 18lb 2oz and still 28.5 inches long. The doc said hes doing fine as far as development. He could use more weight on him and I swear I am tryin but this boy just wont gain any weight. I am hoping with him eating more "real" food he'll start gaining! WE havent tried milk yet because everything comes up so easly but I do need to try an ouce at a time. The doc doesnt want me doing rice milk because theres not enough fat in it which is what he needs for brain development.
We also got his 1year photos done and get them on the 31st so I am very excited about that. He's still not walking but standing on his own more and more so one day.
Here's some pictures from the Party and other random outings with Parker