Saturday, January 31, 2009

We will be back in a week!

Well we are headed out in a little over 2hours. We planned on leaving sunday but thought leaving tonight would give us time to get there and not be rushed! We plan on stopping and see Uncle Butch so in about a week look for some pictures!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're head to PA

Ami Liked Parker so much he didn't look at the camera!
She was so nice!

Yesterday we got a phone call from Roberts mom telling us we needed to call his dad. I guess he hurt his leg pretty bad and was home alone because his girlfriend is here in Florida for 3weeks visiting some of her friends. Today he had his appt to see what exactly was wrong with his leg, he has water behind his knee and broke the bone behind it,dont know the name of the bone but thats the one he broke. So we decided now is probally the best time to go see him since he is off work and we know hes not going anywhere, because he cannot walk! We are leaving on Sunday night around Parker's bed time in hopes that he will sleep the whole way there until morning! We should be there sometime Monday. I am excited to go see everyone because its always nice seeing Family but am terrifed of the weather! We've never traveled up there during Jan/Feb which is when they get the most snow! I know or atleast hope Robert can handle the car during the drive, i will do most of the driving until virgina then its all him! We will also be visiting my Uncle Butch in Ohio because they are only 2hours away from Roberts dads house, so this will be a good trip..cross our fingers! I will be back with loads of pictures hopefully! From today until sunday its going to be getting everything ready and making sure I've got what we need for the trip!

I'll leave you with some pictures from the bike show this past weekend we went to for Roberts company, Ami James is a famous tattoo artist who has his own show on TLC, he was there and then there was a playmate that was there as well! They both loved Parker!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heaven has 2 more angels

This is a lil late but with the crazy things going on I had no time to sit and actually think of what I wanted to write. My friend Brandie has been apart of my life since the 2nd grade which means everyone in her family is like my extended family. Her grandmother passed away last thursday, this was so hard for me I lost a grandparent and even though she wasnt "blood" she was my grandma. I dont even want to think about when I really do lose one of my own. She had been in a nursing home for awhile after she suffered a stroke. Like Brandie said she was just tired of fighting. She was a tough lil cookie though, always doing for herself never wanting help from anyone so after this happened she felt helpless and her freedom was taken away. I can only imagine what that feels like. Even though shes out of her wheelchair and out of pain it was hard to say goodbye. Grandma was always writing poems and had a lot of them published in poem books, she wrote one not to long ago to her grandkids and it was read at the viewing, I wasn't there yet but walked in right after it was read to see everyone in tears. I eventually got a copy of it and of course I cried. After the funeral we went to the VFW where she was an actvie member for lunch and then after we went to Brandies aunts house to go through Grandma's things and get stuff out that they wanted to keep. John, who is Brandies dad told me I could go through the jewlery box and pick something out I wanted...I felt honored to be able to have a piece of grandma. Brandie and I use to play dress up with grandma's clothes then we use to put every single piece of her jewlery we could get on our body. There was a horse shoe pendent that I use to always wear so I took that and then there was a pearl necklase we use to wear alot and i took that. So your probally wondering who the 2nd person is who is in heaven. Brandie's sister sarah was 16 and a half weeks pregnant and the day grandma passed away, she miscarried her baby. I think grandma just didn't want to go alone. Sarah is young shes 18 and even though its a horrible event everything happens for a reason and it just wasnt her time to become a mom. So as the title says, Heaven has 2 more angels.

Here is the poem she wrote to her grandkids.
A Poem To My Grandchildren

You may be sad because I passed away
But you have made my life so happy in many a way

Keep my memory within your heart
Then we will never be apart

Remember the things we did together
Homework,studying for your test
So you would do your very best

I love you all so much

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10 months have flown by

Today marks 10months of being a mommy, 10months of ups and downs, 10months of learning a new route just for Parker to throw something in the mix, 10months of formula changes,10months of dirty diapers,10months of figuring out whats wrong with nothing has worked. 10months of unconditional love from my lil man! Which means I will have a toddler on my hands before you know it, actually I think he is techinally a toddler already BUT i dont wanna hear that:) We are slowly making plans for his 1st birthday party and I am VERY excited just cant decide what I want for decorations, I REALLY like the john deer theme but I was lookin the other day and they now have a cowboy theme, SO maybe I should go with the cowboy and wait till next year for john deer?!! I am still not sure but I need to decide like NOW! I took pictures today because I've been trying to make sure I have up to date ones, its funny how as they get more mobile you dont have the camera around as much!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I am so blessed

The titled should say enough in itself, but I feel the need to explain. Parker has not been the easiest baby, then again what is easy? He has giving us our fair share of sleepless nights and days of pulling my hair out, but we have it much easier than other out there. I am on cafemom and theres a wonderful momma name Jenna who has a daughter Lily who has CHD its a condition in her heart. She has had a rough 9months into this thing we call a world. She has had THREE count them THREE open heart surgerys and yes shes 9months old. I watched a video today of her 3rd open heart and i just sat here and cried like a lil baby, the tears seemed to be endless. Then the questioned started, why in the world do i get so upset with him, how could I think I had it hard? It makes me want to go and pick him up and just hold and squeeze him but we had a rough day and even though I love him he needs his sleep more. This little girl as her mom says is "a ticking time bomb" I could never imagine having to sit and watch your baby and know what to react to and what not to?Then what happens if you take it as nothing but something else happens? Oh my goodness I couldn't imagine it. Everyone knows how much I worry about lil things and always end up going to the hospital for..could you imagine what it would be like if I had this with Parker? My heart goes out to this family like no one would believe, Jenna is such an amazing women she not only has lily. She's got 2 older boys to take care of. I wanted to share this slide show with any and everyone who see's my blog and for people to be aware of CHD. There are no phamplets in the doctors office for this, there isnt much and like Jenna said in her slide show she was "lucky" to have caught it so soon. Here is the slide
I couldn't figure out how to put it so that it would show up on the page so click the link. GRAB a tissue because this is a tear jerker to say the least.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year! We had a blast at Aunt Renee's just wish my momma would of been there, but it is a far drive to be going back at midnight so maybe next year?! Parker got this toy that he walks behind and hes been doing really good with it. Today I got him walking with it and he STOOD by HIMSELF for a few seconds! I was so excited I couldn't believe it! He's getting so damn cute and so big..why did I have to wish it away? March is slowly approaching and my baby will be ONE! However there are many more first to come and I have to say I am looking forward to having those with my lil man! Here is the video from today! Enjoy.

Opps some pictures first!

see them teeth!?!?!