Friday, April 8, 2016

5 years is a long time!

Going through this old blog, I realize its been FIVE years since I've written anything!! There is one huge difference. I have another child now!! I am now the mother of two beautiful boys and on the journey of being a single mother!! It's only been 3 full days, I don't question my decision I just wish I planned a little better than I did. However I did the best I could with what I had! My blog will be filled with funny stories from my days or weeks, depending on how often I can come here to write. I have big plans for my future, but I read somewhere one time that if you tell too many people it wont happen. SO, on that note, yall will have to stay tuned!! Until I get more stuff figured out, I can't promise when I will be back! I will do my best to post often! My life is pretty hilarious!! :-) Here are some pictures to keep ya'll interested! These are from the boys birthday party and just random shots!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

R I P Caylee Marie Anthony

The Case against Casey Anthony has ended…or has it? I know everyone is upset because she got away but look at it from the jury’s stand point, they had LAWS to follow, do I think they wanted to convict her, probably, since most were parents and grandparents but we can’t go off emotion. Which this case was entirely full of, emotion! Do I think it’s right this little girl lost her life to someone who was suppose to protect and provide for her? NO. I could NOT imagine, well let me back up yes I can. I went through post partum so bad with Parker, I didn’t want anything to do with him. Even though I gave birth to him, I didn’t feel like his mother, I honestly felt like my life was over like there was no point to do anything anymore. I would ignore him crying, and hope my husband would hear, and every time he cried I cried a little harder. It’s been 3 years since I’ve had Parker, and I still struggle with it. I love my son and would never do anything to hurt him, but I, unfortunately, know what’s it’s like to not want to be a mother. Mothers are held to such a high standard and I get it I do, BUT let not forget all the hormones that change, how the body changes, and how a mothers world is turned upside down by this tiny little individual who is relying solely on you to protect, and provide for. That’s A LOT for one person,, and when you throw in not having support..well it makes it harder. Not everyone can be a Mrs. Jones so to say, moms are humans believe it or not. I think if Cayle’s body was found earlier than 6months it would have been a different verdict but the fact is there was not much proof. There was no beyond a reasonable doubt she did it. There was no toxicology to show Casey did or didn’t drug her child, we know there was no broken bones because that is all that was left of the poor little child. I think the state of Florida did the best it could with that it had in its hands. It would have been morally wrong if they had gone off emotions, It was their duty to up hold the law and that’s not always pretty. I mean I know I didn’t want to be a mom but I could never go 31days without seeing my child or knowing where she was. And Ashton had a good point, Casey was really good at making up lies on the spot. And I have to agree with him when he said if the remains of that little girl had not been found she would still be there. No one but Cayle, the person who killed her and the good lord above know what truly happened. Casey may not be in jail physically after Thursday but she will forever be in her own prison. And the whole thing about her being molested..they said that’s why she lied? Come on, there are so many people that have been molested and didn’t do that, yes I know everyone is different but how in the world do you face your father and brother now. You told the ENTIRE world you were molested by both of them but yet they showed support by being at the trial for you? I know one thing for sure she’s a selfish person, but how did she get that way? No one is innocent except that poor baby girl. Although I do not agree with the verdict I can’t sit here and say I am ashamed of being a Pinellas county resident, they had to follow the law, plain and simple.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Becoming a consultant!

So today I signed up for Scentsy to be a consultant and sell their warmers and other things, I have to say I am beyond excited for this new adventure and cannot wait to see if and how well this takes off! For now here a link to my website to check things out, please don't hesitate to ask questions and keep in mind I just signed up so I am learning along with you!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Working on working out Wednesday!

Gotta love my corny titles for the day right?!!? Well today I finally went and ran. Only did 2miles because I was starting to hurt. My doctor said I should be good by today but I didn't want to over do it. Had to return my heart rate monitor because it wont work :( I was sooooooo bummed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Terrible Tuesday!

I was looking forward to going running this morning..then I remembered I had class. After class I get a text from my SIL that I will be the most pissed off person when I get home...great I think. I come home and see the above library book ripped to shreds! I JUST PAID for the other one he lost..UGH and this time it was under my SIL's library card...EVEN better! I want a I send Parker to his room with no T.V. for the rest of the night because of his poor choice, he and I both take a nap. Now What I should be doing is my CTAP paper for Ethics...but I seem to find so many other things to do!

Hopefully I can get my run on tomorrow and start my new Bob Harper workout dvd!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Its almost been another whole year!!

Well Parker has turned 3 and started school since I blogged last. Its been a CRAZY year that went by way way way to fast! He has grown so much just since going to school, his vocabulary is amazingly better even though he has a few choice words that a 3 year old should not say..thanks to daddy! I started blogging again because I am hoping to stick to it this time and to record my cont weight loss journey. I've come 30lbs and have 20more to go before my *Goal* weight. There will be pictures of Parker as well as an update on my weight loss.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The things I've learned in the last 2 years

I now know why my mom did the things she did, here are a few I've come to realize

Going to the grocery store without Parker is my heaven but I spend more

Going to the bathroom is like having an audience Parker, the cat and Scooter

Telling Parker to pick up his toys is useless

I pick my battles or I'd do batty all day

Taking Naps with Parker is wonderful but I get nothing done during the day

Droping him off to mom's day out is awesome, but I miss him after an hour

Listening to him yell at scooter reminds me of myself

I truly know the meaning of theres no love like a mothers love

I do not think I can handle another child. I want to give him everything.

I might be bias but he is one cute kid with his mama's personality

The years go by much quicker with a child

I am thankful for my husband who does everything he can to make sure I dont have a job and I can get through school