Friday, May 15, 2009

He started walkin on his own!!!

well i think we finally have a part time walker!!! He doesnt do it much and I usually have to pick him up to stand on his feet but its a start! I may not have a 2year old crawler after all!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We're making progress!!!

Parker is FINALLY coming around to trying more things. Today I got him to try chicken nuggets and so far hes been just eattin away at them! We are slowly switching to whole milk. So far hes getting 2oz whole milk 4oz formula, I am adding an oz a week to get him use to it, so next week we'll do half an half. This just means my lil man is growing so quickly!! He's got such a personality now its cute and drives me nuts sometimes! He is learning how far he can push mommy and daddy's buttons lately..not so much fun! Last night he was smashing his crackers and throwing them on the ground, Robert told him no so what does Parker do? Looks right at his daddy with another cracker in hand, smashes it and drops it on the floor... Hes going to be a hand full to say the least. I blame the nurse after I had him because she said hes gonna be a handfull!!!! His new favorite thing to do is to throw something at scooter and laugh when scooter runs away from the object he threw. He also likes to pick scooter up by his neck and drag him around, my poor dog! Scooter could care less he just sits there and takes it. Parker is still not walking, I cant even "help him" he wants NOTHING to do with it, I swear I am going to have a crawling 2year old. I've tried holding his hand and walking with him and he screams and drops to his knee. I try putting him out in front of me and having him walk to me, this works 30% of the time! I really dont know how else to "teach/show him out to walk".
On a mommy note, I start college on May 18th for my RN and I've lost 9pounds and 13inches since I joined shapes 2months ago!I've been really lacking the gym lately and need to get back before I gain all my weight back! Heres some new pictures of Parker from our Bush Gardens trip 2weekends ago!