Sunday, June 28, 2009

New stuff

The last time I posted it was about having a part time walker, well it only took him a few days to be a full blown, running, climbing fool!!! He got his first black eye from trying to climb up some toys, then got bit by the dog because he was tormenting him. I kept pulling Parker back but he went right back to the dog, it wasnt a very bad bite but I think it scared him he doesnt go around scooter to much now. He is cutting his top right molar and another tooth on the bottom so its been miserable lately. I just dont know why babies arent born with teeth, they are in the womb for almost 40weeks, depending on the baby why cant they be born with teeth. He doesnt listen to a thing you tell him, I am sure thats normal but man does he know how to test the limits! Hes just getting us use to the whole terrible 2's I suppose!!! His vocab is getting bigger and bigger, its so cute! Here are some recent pictures of my lil man! Hope you enjoy

Friday, May 15, 2009

He started walkin on his own!!!

well i think we finally have a part time walker!!! He doesnt do it much and I usually have to pick him up to stand on his feet but its a start! I may not have a 2year old crawler after all!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We're making progress!!!

Parker is FINALLY coming around to trying more things. Today I got him to try chicken nuggets and so far hes been just eattin away at them! We are slowly switching to whole milk. So far hes getting 2oz whole milk 4oz formula, I am adding an oz a week to get him use to it, so next week we'll do half an half. This just means my lil man is growing so quickly!! He's got such a personality now its cute and drives me nuts sometimes! He is learning how far he can push mommy and daddy's buttons lately..not so much fun! Last night he was smashing his crackers and throwing them on the ground, Robert told him no so what does Parker do? Looks right at his daddy with another cracker in hand, smashes it and drops it on the floor... Hes going to be a hand full to say the least. I blame the nurse after I had him because she said hes gonna be a handfull!!!! His new favorite thing to do is to throw something at scooter and laugh when scooter runs away from the object he threw. He also likes to pick scooter up by his neck and drag him around, my poor dog! Scooter could care less he just sits there and takes it. Parker is still not walking, I cant even "help him" he wants NOTHING to do with it, I swear I am going to have a crawling 2year old. I've tried holding his hand and walking with him and he screams and drops to his knee. I try putting him out in front of me and having him walk to me, this works 30% of the time! I really dont know how else to "teach/show him out to walk".
On a mommy note, I start college on May 18th for my RN and I've lost 9pounds and 13inches since I joined shapes 2months ago!I've been really lacking the gym lately and need to get back before I gain all my weight back! Heres some new pictures of Parker from our Bush Gardens trip 2weekends ago!

Friday, April 24, 2009

need a good laugh?

I ment to post this yesterday but never got around to it. I've been watching my friend Andrea's lil boy monday,wed,and only suppose to be friday but yesterday she got called in so I watched him for a few hours. Parker DOES NOT like to share his mommy or his toys. He's bitten Michael,pushed him, pulled his hair,shoved him into the couch and takes EVERYTHING away from him even if Parker was across the room when Micheal picked it up to play. Thank goodness Micheal doesnt throw a fit because all I would hear all day is whinning. I keep telling Robert this means Parker doesnt want to be a big brother :) and we all know mommy is okay with that but Robert says he'll learn! So how do you or do you even punish a 13month old? I always pick him up and look him right in the eye and tell him what he did wrong and how thats not nice. Not sure I am getting through though. Its hard to keep a straight face sometimes and when I do cave in and smile he thinks its okay.

Ok anyway back to the whole laughing thing yesterday morning Parker was playing in the hall way with his bath toys, I had left the closet we keep them in open for some reason. He started fussing and I couldn't figure out why thought maybe the dog was taking something away so I went to see what was going on and this is what I found

yes that would be my son stuck in his easter he managed to do that I will never know but I laughed to hard I almost peed myself!!! Hope you got a good laugh too!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We had a great day. Easter morning we went to Robert's moms for breakfast and then we headed to my moms for easter dinner. We had an egg hunt for the kids and the food was GREAT!! Parker went into the pool with his daddy, it was warm outside but the pool water was still I little to cold, poor baby's lips turned blue! I had my mom take some pictures of us because we yet to have one of those and the baby is a year old!!! I ended up having to go into work at 4pm, so that sucked but it was only for 3hours so not to bad. I cant wait till next year I am sure parker will be more into it then!! Here are some pictures from easter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just another day

We've been spending a lot of time with Jess and the boys. Shes got a lot going on with her pregnancy and all the pain she's in so I try and help out as often as possible. I remember how much pain I was in but I had no kids to worry about and I remember all the help I had going through this so I just want to be there for her and the boys. I am looking forward to seeing the new lil addition to the family and I know Jess is ready for him to be out already! We've got a baby shower to plan and a room to decorate so theres lots to do and time is fastly running away! We took the boys to a egg hunt last saturday at Largo Mall and they even got to see Daddy before we left, well Alex and Zach's daddy! It was fun and we got some pictures, then when we were going back to the apartment we seen Largo Central Park was going something with those huge inflatables and Alex just loves them, zach not so much. So we got them something to eat and headed back to the park, we stay as long as possible. Once I seen Alex slowing down I knew it was time to head home, so we did and let me tell you those boys well with the exception of mine were fast asleep as soon as we got into the apartment!
So here are some more pictures from our adventure with Jess, Alex and Zach

Friday, April 3, 2009

Parker's 1 year pictures

Getting Better

Parker must of known I was talking about all this because the next day he was showing more interest in food and actually allowing me to give him some things. He ate an entire grilled cheese sandwich, I've even gotten him to try PB&J sandwiches and he likes them! So I guess i just have to keep trying, the main thing I am concerned about is him not eating meat. He doesnt eat eggs and I am not sure hes getting enough protein. I just hope within the next few months I can get him to eat better!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The joys of a one year old

Feeding has been the BIGGEST issue since my son was born. He couldn't have certain formula and we were ALWAYS changing it. We'll now we're on to "big" people food and this boy DOESNT like much. I cant even get him to try some stuff, he just plain turns his head and screams.... It is eatting away at me, i am so worried about him not getting enough food or to much of this not enough of that. He's still on his formula because lets face it the boy doesnt eat and I dont feel like hes getting enough vitamins and stuff so we're still truckin along with it. He doesnt get it as often just 3 bottles a day but this is atleast keeping me some what sain. I am scared to try whole milk because of all the issues we had with him spitting up, but I need to give in and try it. Then I worry he wont take the formula anymore and we're back to me worrying about not getting enough vitamins and nutrients. He wont eat any meats,no veggies, SOME fruit. I dont know where I went wrong? I have to have the worlds pickest eater. Some days he likes one thing, the next day he wont touch it. Should I just blend his food and try it that way?? If I do that I might as well by the baby food its the same damn thing! I am sure me freaking out about it, wont help him but I dont know where else to turn. I feel like I am the only one in the world with this problem but I know there are plenty of other mommies dealing with far worst things than I am.

So those are my thoughts, now that they are on "paper" maybe i can clear room to figure out how to get my son to atleast TRY new things.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Baby is one

Its been a long time since I've updated this thing, I guess I got so caught up with his birthday party, then we spent some time with Robert's dad's girlfriend while she was here, then Roberts grandparents were here, then I got a part time things have been just short of CRAZY. Well his birthday party went great and for not having a nap all morning he did good and had no melt downs.
We went for his one year check up and he is 18lb 2oz and still 28.5 inches long. The doc said hes doing fine as far as development. He could use more weight on him and I swear I am tryin but this boy just wont gain any weight. I am hoping with him eating more "real" food he'll start gaining! WE havent tried milk yet because everything comes up so easly but I do need to try an ouce at a time. The doc doesnt want me doing rice milk because theres not enough fat in it which is what he needs for brain development.
We also got his 1year photos done and get them on the 31st so I am very excited about that. He's still not walking but standing on his own more and more so one day.
Here's some pictures from the Party and other random outings with Parker

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Parker is turning one

It doesnt seem real but in a little over a week my baby boy will be one years old. No one can truly understand the meaning of "time flies" like a mother, those are my feelings anyway. Even though this is bittersweet I love watching him grow into such a curious lil toddler, hes into everything, points and wants you to tell him "whats this." He will go on and on as long as your telling him what it is.I love that lil boy more than life itself and wouldn't have a clue as to what to do if he wasnt apart of my life. He's brought,joy,tears,stress,over whelming feelings but at the end of the day I love lookin in his crib just watching him sleep so peacefully..but I dont watch to long though cause he'll wake up, I've made that mistake ONCE! So on MArch 7th we'll decorate for the party,eat food,cut cake,watch him make a horrible mess for mommy to clean up, open presents and Thank everyone for coming out to share in such a wonderful moment of his life, then we'll come home and start another wonderful year with that beautiful lil man of mine. Lets see what he can get into this year!!

I made a montage for his 1st birthday and wanted to share it, dont forget to pause the slide under this one so you can hear the songs! Get ready for a long one, its like 12mins long but I promise you'll like it! Enjoy

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're Back!

We had such a great time visiting with Robert's family. We seen a TON of snow, got to go to Cabela's in West Virgina,took Parker sledding,built a snow man and had fun seeing everyone that we only get to see once a year! Theres some pictures from our trip. I have to say I am so happy to be home and cant wait to get back into our routine!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

We will be back in a week!

Well we are headed out in a little over 2hours. We planned on leaving sunday but thought leaving tonight would give us time to get there and not be rushed! We plan on stopping and see Uncle Butch so in about a week look for some pictures!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're head to PA

Ami Liked Parker so much he didn't look at the camera!
She was so nice!

Yesterday we got a phone call from Roberts mom telling us we needed to call his dad. I guess he hurt his leg pretty bad and was home alone because his girlfriend is here in Florida for 3weeks visiting some of her friends. Today he had his appt to see what exactly was wrong with his leg, he has water behind his knee and broke the bone behind it,dont know the name of the bone but thats the one he broke. So we decided now is probally the best time to go see him since he is off work and we know hes not going anywhere, because he cannot walk! We are leaving on Sunday night around Parker's bed time in hopes that he will sleep the whole way there until morning! We should be there sometime Monday. I am excited to go see everyone because its always nice seeing Family but am terrifed of the weather! We've never traveled up there during Jan/Feb which is when they get the most snow! I know or atleast hope Robert can handle the car during the drive, i will do most of the driving until virgina then its all him! We will also be visiting my Uncle Butch in Ohio because they are only 2hours away from Roberts dads house, so this will be a good trip..cross our fingers! I will be back with loads of pictures hopefully! From today until sunday its going to be getting everything ready and making sure I've got what we need for the trip!

I'll leave you with some pictures from the bike show this past weekend we went to for Roberts company, Ami James is a famous tattoo artist who has his own show on TLC, he was there and then there was a playmate that was there as well! They both loved Parker!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heaven has 2 more angels

This is a lil late but with the crazy things going on I had no time to sit and actually think of what I wanted to write. My friend Brandie has been apart of my life since the 2nd grade which means everyone in her family is like my extended family. Her grandmother passed away last thursday, this was so hard for me I lost a grandparent and even though she wasnt "blood" she was my grandma. I dont even want to think about when I really do lose one of my own. She had been in a nursing home for awhile after she suffered a stroke. Like Brandie said she was just tired of fighting. She was a tough lil cookie though, always doing for herself never wanting help from anyone so after this happened she felt helpless and her freedom was taken away. I can only imagine what that feels like. Even though shes out of her wheelchair and out of pain it was hard to say goodbye. Grandma was always writing poems and had a lot of them published in poem books, she wrote one not to long ago to her grandkids and it was read at the viewing, I wasn't there yet but walked in right after it was read to see everyone in tears. I eventually got a copy of it and of course I cried. After the funeral we went to the VFW where she was an actvie member for lunch and then after we went to Brandies aunts house to go through Grandma's things and get stuff out that they wanted to keep. John, who is Brandies dad told me I could go through the jewlery box and pick something out I wanted...I felt honored to be able to have a piece of grandma. Brandie and I use to play dress up with grandma's clothes then we use to put every single piece of her jewlery we could get on our body. There was a horse shoe pendent that I use to always wear so I took that and then there was a pearl necklase we use to wear alot and i took that. So your probally wondering who the 2nd person is who is in heaven. Brandie's sister sarah was 16 and a half weeks pregnant and the day grandma passed away, she miscarried her baby. I think grandma just didn't want to go alone. Sarah is young shes 18 and even though its a horrible event everything happens for a reason and it just wasnt her time to become a mom. So as the title says, Heaven has 2 more angels.

Here is the poem she wrote to her grandkids.
A Poem To My Grandchildren

You may be sad because I passed away
But you have made my life so happy in many a way

Keep my memory within your heart
Then we will never be apart

Remember the things we did together
Homework,studying for your test
So you would do your very best

I love you all so much

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10 months have flown by

Today marks 10months of being a mommy, 10months of ups and downs, 10months of learning a new route just for Parker to throw something in the mix, 10months of formula changes,10months of dirty diapers,10months of figuring out whats wrong with nothing has worked. 10months of unconditional love from my lil man! Which means I will have a toddler on my hands before you know it, actually I think he is techinally a toddler already BUT i dont wanna hear that:) We are slowly making plans for his 1st birthday party and I am VERY excited just cant decide what I want for decorations, I REALLY like the john deer theme but I was lookin the other day and they now have a cowboy theme, SO maybe I should go with the cowboy and wait till next year for john deer?!! I am still not sure but I need to decide like NOW! I took pictures today because I've been trying to make sure I have up to date ones, its funny how as they get more mobile you dont have the camera around as much!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I am so blessed

The titled should say enough in itself, but I feel the need to explain. Parker has not been the easiest baby, then again what is easy? He has giving us our fair share of sleepless nights and days of pulling my hair out, but we have it much easier than other out there. I am on cafemom and theres a wonderful momma name Jenna who has a daughter Lily who has CHD its a condition in her heart. She has had a rough 9months into this thing we call a world. She has had THREE count them THREE open heart surgerys and yes shes 9months old. I watched a video today of her 3rd open heart and i just sat here and cried like a lil baby, the tears seemed to be endless. Then the questioned started, why in the world do i get so upset with him, how could I think I had it hard? It makes me want to go and pick him up and just hold and squeeze him but we had a rough day and even though I love him he needs his sleep more. This little girl as her mom says is "a ticking time bomb" I could never imagine having to sit and watch your baby and know what to react to and what not to?Then what happens if you take it as nothing but something else happens? Oh my goodness I couldn't imagine it. Everyone knows how much I worry about lil things and always end up going to the hospital for..could you imagine what it would be like if I had this with Parker? My heart goes out to this family like no one would believe, Jenna is such an amazing women she not only has lily. She's got 2 older boys to take care of. I wanted to share this slide show with any and everyone who see's my blog and for people to be aware of CHD. There are no phamplets in the doctors office for this, there isnt much and like Jenna said in her slide show she was "lucky" to have caught it so soon. Here is the slide
I couldn't figure out how to put it so that it would show up on the page so click the link. GRAB a tissue because this is a tear jerker to say the least.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year! We had a blast at Aunt Renee's just wish my momma would of been there, but it is a far drive to be going back at midnight so maybe next year?! Parker got this toy that he walks behind and hes been doing really good with it. Today I got him walking with it and he STOOD by HIMSELF for a few seconds! I was so excited I couldn't believe it! He's getting so damn cute and so big..why did I have to wish it away? March is slowly approaching and my baby will be ONE! However there are many more first to come and I have to say I am looking forward to having those with my lil man! Here is the video from today! Enjoy.

Opps some pictures first!

see them teeth!?!?!