Saturday, November 6, 2010

The things I've learned in the last 2 years

I now know why my mom did the things she did, here are a few I've come to realize

Going to the grocery store without Parker is my heaven but I spend more

Going to the bathroom is like having an audience Parker, the cat and Scooter

Telling Parker to pick up his toys is useless

I pick my battles or I'd do batty all day

Taking Naps with Parker is wonderful but I get nothing done during the day

Droping him off to mom's day out is awesome, but I miss him after an hour

Listening to him yell at scooter reminds me of myself

I truly know the meaning of theres no love like a mothers love

I do not think I can handle another child. I want to give him everything.

I might be bias but he is one cute kid with his mama's personality

The years go by much quicker with a child

I am thankful for my husband who does everything he can to make sure I dont have a job and I can get through school

Saturday, January 16, 2010

When did he get so big?

Yesterday we spent the morning with Deanna and Peyton then we had a party to go to at Jessica's for Alex. I was watching Parker play with all the other kids and I couldn't help but to think, oh my goodness my baby will be 2 before I know it. Where did my baby go? I am sure its something everyone always hears but you truly dont know what it means until you have a child of your own. I remember how emotional I was over his 1st I going to be like that with every birthday? He is just growing into such a handsome lil man. He's at a "perfect" stage so to say, because he can tell me in one way or another what he wants and it doesn't take 2 hours to pack him up and make sure I have everything like the bottle,formula,extra clothes, tons of diapers and spit up rags...the list went on forever when I had to take him out. Now I just make sure I have a sippy cup, diapers, wipes, a change of clothes and some snacks! I couldn't wait for him to get older when he was a baby but now I want the tables turned..I guess I am just not content either way! There is so much to look forward to so I have to take it all in stride because weather I want to believe it or not my little man won't be so little much longer.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Busy Busy!

So technically I never posted yesterday but its 12:16am and I am just getting to the computer! This morning we got together with some mommy friends and played at the gym then we hit up Chuck E Cheese with Deanna and Peyton. After Jessica asked me to meet her and do some chit chatting then I had to find my class at the new campus I was freaking out about it but I did make it to the right class! After I found the class Parker and I came home, napped for an hour then he went to grandmas and I went to class! That wasn't the end to the day but all the details..well there just details, nothing exciting!
I really dont know if this is what blogs are really for...but until I get the hang of it I suppose you'll be getting a run down of our day! So I am off to bed and will start another day with my adorable lil man!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another lazy day!

Well I havent started my new goal out very well since I forgot to blog yesterday! Not to much happened, just another lazy day at the house. Today was pretty much the same, I had some school work to do and Parker destroyed his room again..not sure why I even pick it up anymore! Hoping to get out of the house tomorrow so this lil boy can get some of this energy out of him!
Parker has been doing very good with his speech lately, hes actually trying to repeat things and if he can't he will atleast do the first sound of the word like milk he cant say so he'll say MMM. His new thing is to come to me, grab my pants and say UP! I love how he's about to communicate more with me, makes life just a little easier! I have moved him back to his room and its going on like week 3 but he still cry's himself to sleep, it breaks my heart but sleeping with mommy just wasn't working out! Tonight is my first night back to class so we will be out of route again..poor guy cant catch a break!
So I am off to get him and myself ready, he'll be going to grandma's tonight until I am out of class at 9:40pm then I will pick him up!

Monday, January 11, 2010

new year and a new me

So the past year I have made goals for myself and have not only impressed myself but those around me. I have lost 34 pounds and working on losing 34 more pounds and I have gone back to school in order to better myself for my family. With this semester I am taking comp 1, so my plan is to write more in my blog to help with my class. I always love killing two birds with one stone! Parker has changed into such a little person and such a personality. He is doing so much better with his speech since we have been getting help, not to mention the help my in laws have given him. 09 wasnt my best year but we are suppose to learn for our mistakes so to say right? So here's to a new year and a new me! From today on my goal is to blog once a day, even it doesnt seem worth blogging about I am going to do it!!!

Here's to 2010!!!