Saturday, November 6, 2010

The things I've learned in the last 2 years

I now know why my mom did the things she did, here are a few I've come to realize

Going to the grocery store without Parker is my heaven but I spend more

Going to the bathroom is like having an audience Parker, the cat and Scooter

Telling Parker to pick up his toys is useless

I pick my battles or I'd do batty all day

Taking Naps with Parker is wonderful but I get nothing done during the day

Droping him off to mom's day out is awesome, but I miss him after an hour

Listening to him yell at scooter reminds me of myself

I truly know the meaning of theres no love like a mothers love

I do not think I can handle another child. I want to give him everything.

I might be bias but he is one cute kid with his mama's personality

The years go by much quicker with a child

I am thankful for my husband who does everything he can to make sure I dont have a job and I can get through school

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